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WWC 19: France V Brazil 23/6/19


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6 Dec 2017
8pm kick off

will this be the first France game in this world cup finals where France dont have an assist from VAR?
Not going to script for france , as yet

Is it permitted to disallow a France 'goal' after a VAR referral in these Women's world cup finals- in France?.... apparently so....French crowd are incensed, so much so they could attemt to re enact the storming of the Bastille (or similar) should France not progress to the quarter finals !
Nowt wrong with France goal.
This time!

Brazil rattled the crossbar almost levelling it

Brazil goal not given by ref, after VAR its 1-1

64 min in ....think theres one, maybe 2 more goals in this match?
Extra time looming ....maybe itll even go to pens? Yellow cards like confetti in the game ....if this referee had officiated Lionesses game earlier, cameroon would very likely had 3 or even 4 red carded ...and the rest on yellow cards too
1-1 at the ET halfway point....can either team break this deadlock in the next 15 min?

Affirmative, France go 2-1 up from a well worked set piece
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