WWC 19: England V Sweden 6/7/2019


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6 Dec 2017
final match for the Lionesses in these world cup finals... penultimate match in the world cup finals ... 3rd place play off... kick off 4pm
will Ellie White add to her total of 6 so far, in todays 3rd place playoff, in her quest for WWC2019 golden boot... currently level with the classless Morgan of USA ?
four changes from the losing semi final Lionesses starting 11 for todays match .... England starting 11 is :- Telford, Bronze, Houghton, Mc Manus, Greenwood, Moore, Scott, Kirby, Parris, White, Mead

Bright suspended (two yellows V the classless Yankesses) is the only enforced change
both teams going for it ... Sweden pressing in,( almost) OUFC home kit from last season ... and ... buggerit ... 0-1 down :rolleyes:
Sweden got their tails up, putting pressure on .....Lionesses nearly 2-0 down just then :oops:
sloppy defending ... now it is 0-2 ... double buggerit ...its looking long way back from this :confused:
should be 1-2 after an enforced change for Sweden ... too sloooow Lionesses , far too slooow ... Mead's shot cleared off the line
get in there ... 1-2 now ...that's better from Lionesses
2-2 now .... White with the equaliser :giggle:

C'mon England
costly slow and really sluggish start after the first few mins by England ... it wasnt until Sweden had to make a change that the Lionesses came back into the match ... even stevens , 2-2, at HT ... though hearly lobbed by Sweden in time added on ...must tighten up anp and be quicker n slicker in the second half, Sweden wont give up until the final whistle , something England could, perhaps should try n emulate... like at the end on the 1st half , when White had a shot on target parried .
b****r! only half paying attention, with an eye/ear on both cricket matches too .... guess its so near yet so var again for the Lionesses ?

it wasnt that convincing var ruling that strike out? load of interfering bollox var in this WWC imo

will be watching 2nd half live on bbc tv ... instead on updates on radio
lots of huff, puff & possession for England so far this half ... but no end result to show for it ... yet
Sweden hve parked the bus, and sat on/defended thier 1 goal lead for most of the 2nd half of the 2nd half .... England really dont seem like they want this? tired and sloppy passing ... Parris shouldve been subbed a lot earlier IMO ... 2 mins plus time added on to go
Allowed Sweden to dictate most of that match ... out of a total of 5 goals dissallowed by var in this world cup , two (2) were netted by White ... more or less after var intervened it was pretty much over ... that intervention by var (again) seemed to have a detrimental effect on the Lionesses ... certainly in the 2nd half

played some decent football at times during this WWC , but, same old story, goals win games

I'm getting behind Holland in tomorrows final
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