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WWC 19: Holland V Sweden 3/7/18


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6 Dec 2017
8pm kick off .... winners face USA in the final ... losers meet Lionesses in Saturdays 3rd place consolation match
will tonights semi final be an exciting game to watch? ... with VAR raise its interfering ugly face to intervene in another match in this wwc?

Not really bothered which of the two goes through, though would marginally prefer England to play Holland in the playoff (sorry @Malc ) , besides for me its kinda natural to cheer on a team in yellow (& blue)
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Sweden rocked up in their lookalike /similar last season oufc away kit . Could a close one this match
solid defending but not much else ... Lionesses V Classless Yankesses shouldve been the final ,,,, cant see either of these sides troubling the classless holders ... extra time now... prob be decided on pens?
Blimey! Fast football and good finish .... Holland 1-0 up
I was just thinking, Sweden in our almost away kit from last season are now defending deep with no outlet , like oufc tend to at times, ....and Holland snuff out the half defended loose ball by Sweeden, then few passes later they scored!
Well done Holland ....youve got my support on sunday
Sweden didnt give up; wasnt meant to be
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