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WWC 19: S Korea v Norway & Nigeria V France 18/6/19


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6 Dec 2017
2 group A matches kick off at 8pm

will VAR intervene to give France a 3rd 'helping hand' (!) to reach the second stages?
France have already qualified for the second stages, Sarge. Another iffy VAR penalty for them would not totally astound me though!
a VAR intervention in France's favour would guarantee going through in first place from group A ( not that theres any doubt that theyd qualify by topping their group anyway?)
Norway 1-0 up in their match

no score ...and as yet no VAR! :sneaky: ...in the France game
France 0 Nigeria 0

Norway 1 (pen) S Korea 0

And as expected france get a(nother) VAR assisted pen! Harsh sending off too
Missed!!! Hahaha
Var france's best player in this tournament???

What!!! ???? Retake the pen ??? Why not just award france a 1 goal lead for all their games?


France +var 1 nigeria 0

Ridiculous imo
The France game is ridiculous. Either it is fixed, or the referees don't have the experience (or courage - I almost said balls!) to ignore a partisan crowd. Let's be charitable and say it's the latter - but either way it's making a farce of any match where the hosts are involved.
Thought fifa had cleaned up its act after sepp blatter? ....how blatant has the var bias in frances favour been so far? Var pen in all of thier games so far ....unreal! Unbeleivable! And truly shocking to anyone not french id say

Will france get similar assistance in the knock out stages?

Norway 2 S korea 1 FT

France 0 var 1 nigeria 0 FT

Unlucky nigeria having to play french team, the officials ...and var too

Anyone policing fifa for possible match fixing?
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