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WWC England V Scotland 9/6/19

just under 30mins to Lionesses first game kick off .... lets have an emphatic win to get the campaign off to a flying start
bit harsh that Imo ... VAR awarded pen nonetheless 1-0 Lionesses
decent game this ... 2-0 England now ...could n maybe should be more?

gotta say there was a handball shout after VAR intervened for pen that was much more blatant... yet no VAR?
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thats 2 dissallowed for offside now ...

Scotland's number 3 has got away with a lot so far ...about time she got a yellow too ...especially for that niggly challenge with a bit of lingering afters on Parris
sloppy defending Lionesses 2-1 now.... ALL that possession counts for nothing if you cant convert possession into goals .... could be an interesting end to this game?
Scotland much improved this half it has to be said. I think the Lionesses have played with a little too much arrogance here.
pleased with that result, given its a match between 2 traditional footballing rivals, it was a potential banana skin match for the Lionesses... who need to be a bit more clinical shooting on goal imo .... Scotland could, if they play as they did in the 2nd half. eclipse their male counterparts World Cup efforts, & at the first attempt, by going through to the 2nd stages?
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