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WWC 19: England V USA 2/7/19

The better side are winning. There are basic things that the US are doing more accurately than England, and they seem much more athletic: their wide right player against our left back is a no contest.
Interesting half.

When the US are good, they’re very good. Clinical, attack in packs and they snuff out attacks like no one’s business.

But I thought England had their moments. Their best option is getting the ball wide. Stretch the US rather than trying to play through them as England’s attempt at a slide rule pass has failed every time. Also, make use of the set piece. England had routines in previous games but have fluffed both of theirs in the first 45.

Ellen White’s goal was superbly taken. Let’s hope for another!
They have pushed the US more this half. If only they could have fashioned more chances ...

I’d have Phil Neville talking with Gareth Southgate over penalties though. Parris and Houghton’s spot kicks have been poor.
Too much sloppy, lazy passing ....& getting sucked in usa way of playing ...and usa are masters at gamesmanship/dark arts, including hoodwinking the ref surrupticiously ....and , England are always s**t on pens ! ... they gave it a real go ....but fell short
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