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League Two Tinpot Swindon

It’s just expected to be a fine. Their previous owner called in money apparently, so the owner - who doesn’t have the deepest of pockets - had to sell of shares to raise the money.

Claims he’s in the process of buying them back, so probably just a suspended points penalty.

Can sometimes be a warning sign though.
If you don’t have deep pockets and you live on the other side of the world why would you buy a fourth division football club based in an obscure town? Something about Clem Fandango doesn’t add up to me.
And imagine how deflating that would feel as a scum fan :ROFLMAO: especially after City turn them over
Id probably go and watch that ( home and away)

Sw*nd*n have a history of not operating within the rules if memory serves.... I do hope the FA / EFL take that into consideration when deliberating on their latest round of cheating
That’s the most charitable description of that place I have ever read on here.

U OK hun?

I was trying to look at it from an outsiders point of view, I once binned a woman off after a couple of dates because she wanted me to take her shopping in that knock off Bicester Village they have.

Maybe Clem Fandango bought them without actually visiting, finally made the trip and is basically f**k that, I want out?
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I’m gutted for them, I truly am….

Oh no wait, we are talking about Swindon not Southend. f**k them and I hope they rot for a good few years in non league.

What a great start to the season, we are flying high, Reading are a shambles of a club and Swindon yet again are a shambles of a club.
This could be a very very good year as a yellow!
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