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7 Dec 2017
Niall somehow shot himself in the foot at the Oxvox meeting sometime ago by suggesting that the 5 sites would be revealed in a few weeks.
And that of course has been the problem with the current regime from day one - over promising and under delivering. It may well have been daft to say the sites were going to be revealed - so why say it? Who are the 'top company' looking at them - does any one know? So they can't be surprised if people a) call them on it when they don't do what they say they are going to and b) are sceptical that there is much to announce anyway! We aren't 'customers' who can be fed a line of horseshit and then will just shrug our shoulder when the smell wafts out, we are supporters who care desperately (at the moment I use that word advisedly) what happens to our club both on and off the pitch.

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