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31 Jul 2018

Tells us absolutely nothing of any substance.

- Nothing about the Board and their intentions.

- Nothing about any plans for the stadium.

- Nothing about the plans for the club except that we need young players coming through, young twenty-somethings playing in the side and older heads for experience.

- Karl and the management team are devastated when we lose

- Some movements in the backroom staff, most of whom I've never heard of

- We all need to get behind the team though!!

What a missed opportunity/further example of mushroom communication.

Well it's a start at least. Possibly for the first time Tiger has conceded it's not all sunshine and rainbows (that is, if he's written it).

One thing though that's easy to snipe at are the backroom staff changes. At least it's not like DE towards the end when there were long periods of vacancies.
Although it tells us nothing, at least we have heard from the owner, unlike Oxvox.
Although it tells us nothing, at least we have heard from the owner, unlike Oxvox.

I'm sure Oxvox could issue the following statement:

'We met last night as a committee and had a great discussion. As fans, we're very disapointed at recent results. We hope to see lots of fans at Brentford.'

That would be as useful as Tiger's statement. How would it help?
Whoever is on the social media team didn't exactly make the story excitable click-bait
"There's an update from the Chairman on the official website today: "
Well lets be honest whoever it was didn't have a lot to work with in terms of promoting the content, or lack of!

"NEWS FLASH, An exciting New Years update from our Chairman, click to find out absolutely fork all"
Load of B*****s

Basically retelling us what a great manager Robinson is and we should all get behind him because he cares.

I’m sounding more and more like Kip I know, but I feel we’re on the road to nowhere..
I rather enjoy Tiger's insights into the club, although a English-speaking proof-reader would be welcome.

"There will inevitably be changes." but only among the paid help as we're exhorted to "get behind Karl, Shaun, Faz and the players and be as positive as we can despite the last three results." - you can exhort me till your bow tie falls off, Tigger......... But perhaps there is a plan. Is this a hint? "That is exciting: growing the club, building an Academy, improving the team. These things take time. We have made mistakes along the way, but stay patient and we will get it right."?

Back to positive; I'm almost positive we're going to have one of the best academies in League 2 next season.
Complete load of rubbish. Simply confirming that kr has permission to take us on the road to relegation, blaming everyone and everything along the way.

How blind can a chairman be, to not see what kr is doing to the playing side of the club. There has to be a point, with the games we have coming up, that even he will see the damage that kr is being allowed to do.

On a separate note, who was it that organised the storming of the boardroom, as part of getting rid of Kassam.
I actually feel the lowest I’ve ever felt as a fan, and I like many others lived through our demise in the final Manor years and then all the bullshit since we came to this dump. But I always felt it would turn, or COULD turn, somehow. Now it just feels horrific and hopeless, and like there’s so much more to lose now than there was then if we slide. And we ARE sliding, believe you me. Then you look at ‘updates’ like this from this chancer and you go, “Oh Jesus... we are absolutely doomed, aren’t we?”

Fun story - the day he was late for his first press conference, I saw him getting off a train from Oxford at Oxford Parkway at about 9:15am, looking totally confused. It was like something out of a film, and as the doors opened directly in front of me there he was, little bow tie and all, looking like he had absolutely no idea what was going on. I then texted someone at the club to tell them where he was if they didn’t know, and let’s just say the reply I got suggested that this was very much a bit of a goose chase.

He’s a mad man, and I really wish the club would stop putting these messages out, because nobody is buying it and all it’s doing is winding people up. Especially when he STILL won’t respond to the supporters trust.
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