Tiger Update - 16th October 2018


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Talks about the good result from Saturday and that he wanted to back KR but didn't want it to sound like a "vote of confidence". Big thank you to the fans for their support. As well as mentioning that no-one will get carried away by one result. 125th Anniversary game mentioned again.
Most interesting part is:

"Off the field we hope to announce a couple of new faces very soon. One is a new member of the board, who we are just waiting for approval for from the EFL. There was an unexpected delay last week, just some paperwork that held things up a little, but it remains a very positive appointment for the club,as does our new Finance Director who we will announce later this week once they have had chance to meet everyone. On a similar note I think a lot of fans know already that Scott Daly and Mark Jarrett will soon be leaving our backroom team to take up roles outside football. They have both worked tirelessly for the club and will remain friends of all of us here; they are welcome back any time. Their replacements will be announced very soon as well. "


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I wonder if this has anything to do with the Thohir rumours, seems all very coincidental. Not getting my hopes up though.
Doubt Thohir will be on board as a (relatively) lowly Financial Director if he's investing the big bucks. Maybe it's your man Jack from the start of Tiger's reign. Let's see.

EDIT: I misread that...just read it again and its a new Financial Director PLUS member of the board...so two new faces.
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