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Chairman Tiger's Business(es)

Orkney Islands Yellow

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13 Dec 2017
Does anyone the names of his other business interests and where one could buy the products/services they offer? Websites for them perhaps?
He is not in bed at the moment as he has just been telling Karl that Wigan is his last chance!
Google Tiger and it will tell you some of the biggest companies he controls.
Looking at his wifes Insta, hes certainly not been massively hit with the Covid! Top hotels, restaurants etc. How the other half live!
The website isn’t uncommon with regard to its lack of quality. These kind of lower tier garment/textile companies in Asia are ten a penny.

We’re not talking Ralph Lauren here! You’ll see on the projects page that customers (for 2010) included CK, Decathlon and Timberland among others. Basically when you look in your shirt or t-shirt and it says “made in xyz” this is where it comes from.

They don’t need a flashy website because they’ve got agreements in place either directly with the retailer or they’re being subbed work by another manufacturer that does (I’d guess the latter).

Hopefully it’s all as it should be and there’s not some sort of “dark side of football” investigation by the press or an NGO that sees us embarrassed/shamed like Boohoo recently.
I hear a while back back it’s his wife that has the money.
So,long as we stay in business that’s all that matters at the moment
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