General The Wallop/Greatunclekip Relegation Bet


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31 Jul 2018
@greatunclekip and I had a bet on this forum earlier this year where I said we would stay up and Kip true to form said we would get relegated. The loser would pay £100 to the charity of the other's choice. Given the knife-edge this bet is on, it's time to declare the two charities where the £100 could go. I'll declare first - if I win the bet, Kip - please could you make your donation to this charity - it's seems appropriate.

Over to you Kip.
I can honestly say I will never have been so happy to hand over £100, on so many levels!

In the case of a relegation, please make funds payable to Great Ormond Street Hospital

Really pleased that either way some good can come from this absolute festering heap of putrid dung of a season!
We’ll done Kip!

Plenty of people don’t follow through when losing bets like this.
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