Relegation dog fight

24 Feb 2018
Unfortunately it looks likely that oufc are going to be in a relegation dog fight this season. To light weight, not enough signings in the summer is costing us.


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7 Dec 2017
Early days still and we've been Jekyll and Hyde. Excellent against Sunderland and then off the pace against the much more limited Coventry. Romped to a few cup wins and had our defensive pants down in league games against Barnsley, Portsmouth and Accrington.

I was chastised by one poster on here by suggesting that I wasn't convinced that the squad wouldn't avoid relegation and today's performance still confirms that. I think we're still unbalanced and lacking in certain areas BUT do have some exciting talent.

It's a constant grumble from me but our glacial pace at signing players in the summer is still costing us and will for a bit longer. Whilst other clubs are in their stride, we're still going through pre-season motions in getting players up to speed (see Mackie and Holmes).

A long way to go, but we're going to have to pick it up soon or we could be struggling.
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