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L1 Relegation candidates

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Shropshire U

So who is going down to L2?
Via a combo of gut feeling and a bit of statto delving I reckon that...
Wimbledon are for the drop (a couple of wins lately but their goal scoring record is woeful).
Bradford are for the drop (surely the managerial turmoil will come home to roost).
Rochdale are for the drop (terrible goals against record...even Wimbledon put 4 past them recently).
That would leave one place between 5 candidates (assuming that none of the 4 teams currently on 41 points hits a really bad run).
Shrewsbury have just won their game in hand, a confidence booster v Donny, and had a good January window (with the crazy exception of getting Smith on loan from Reading).
Bristol Rovers have a game in hand, but it is away at Donny on the 26th March.
Walsall have been slipping down the table, and they had Andy Cook sent off last Saturday, so will be without his goals for maybe 3 games.
Gillingham seem to be the genuine Jekyll & Hydes, with little regularity to their win / loss /draw pattern.
And then there's us, with hopefully just enough about us to stay up, on the basis of Saturday's decent enough performance at Blackpool.
Bottom line: Walsall to go down with Wimbledon, Bradford and Rochdale.
We finish in 19th place with Bristol Rovers in 20th.
At the moment I would also say Wimbledon Rochdale Bradford and Walsall.
Tho U23s can change very quickly though
Except that Accy have 2 games in hand. Our Saturday opponents, Scunthorpe, might still be dragged into it...they have a crap goal difference.
Southend and Wycombe are probably still feeling a bit twitchy and that a win is needed again soon. They might both have too many points on the board already but that being said, they still have a bit to do.
I think Rochdale and Wimbledon are looking strong candidates. Plymouth look sure to escape, but a couple of poor results could see confidence ebb away. I have a feeling Accrington will fill the last place and we will escape with a couple of games to go.
Agree Walsall are looking poor. Expecting Bradford to survive..they might just get Phil Parkinson back if Bolton pull the trigger. He is a god there
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