General Hopes for the new season.


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11 Sep 2020
Greetings from N.Ireland. I have been an avid reader of the forum since it started so I'm well overdue in dipping my toe in the water. At the start of what can only be called an unpredictable season I do feel that we now have the Owners, Manager, Club set-up and of course the squad to return Utd to where they belong. I'm delighted that young lads from Norn Iron are playing their part . Whilst I'm on I must thank you all for a great forum. I love the humour, the banter , the aggro, the rumours and indeed the Mods for keeping a lid on it. Most of all I love the passion shown by you all. I lived in Headington when Utd came into the League and although my parents and I returned to N.Ire in the late 60's, I have never lost my love for Utd. I hope you all can return soon to the stadium. Would have been great to do it as Brentford fans will be doing but that seems a good way off. Here's to a great season. Stay safe.


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7 Dec 2017
Good post, my hopes are a bit muted as I just can't get into games played in empty stadiums no matter how hard I try.

But hopefully fans will be back ASAP, and I would hope the U's are in the play-off places at least at the end of the season.

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