Congratulations Sarge (also a new member of the media/marketing team)

Marked Ox

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6 Dec 2017

Liam Potter has joined the media and marketing team full time so welcome. And Sarge got name-checked as Liam will be doing reports etc for the u18s, u23s and women's team.

Good to see there will be more video content on youtube and social media as well.
Very good. Yet another improvement hopefully.
For anybody who has iplayer, what us it like (taking away the live games as I normally at the match,)
Really good to hear that Liam's working full-time with the club, been following him on twitter for a few years now and he's really passionate about the club, sports journalism and football in general too.
Is Liam on here? (or am I being thick about the Sarge reference?)
Is Liam on here? (or am I being thick about the Sarge reference?)
I had a chat with CW during the second part of the season ... I was asking about, the then slim and late, coverage of u18s and u23s games ... seems its been addressed for the forthcoming season :)
He's a good bloke is Chris. Honest and passionate about OUFC. Puts together some very amusing articles with a good many anecdotes featuring the press lot and their travels. Always answers emails and is always ready to help if and where possible.
Was very taken to hear that his son was in the Ultras and active. Can't have been easy for Chris not to mention that connection when all was kicking off.
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