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One for Myles - Remember this loan being mentioned in the "beware of Tigers" thread?

Nuseibeh is a partner in the manager of the investment fund that loaned Reading FC £25 million. And this loan was secured by parachute money due from the Premier League, as well as all the land and stadium. Sound familiar?
Not much in terms of assets to secure against with us apart from possibly transfer fees.


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I guess the club had to rush a story through as the in broke this.

Not an ideal time with the Manchester City tickets opening up.


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2018-19 shirt sponsor for Jamie Hanson
Reading Zaki's profile according to Oxford mail, given his links with Palestine,best we don't draw spuds in any cup competition, itll be war zone in directors lounge if we do :eek::eek::eek:


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I’d be sceptical that the first one has close links with the Reading loan.

I can’t see how they could replicate that without parachute payments or a ground to sell off.

But perhaps it may be better to have a business man owner rather than a trainset owner? If their intention is to improve the club rather than asset strip?
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