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    Away Match Post Match +++ 03/07/20 L1 Play Off Semi Final: Leg 1 - Pompey v OUFC+++

    I think the commentator mentioned Craig Short, former defender and Chrises brother
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    The big building companies who shut their sites down are all liaising and looking to open back up next week. Madness.
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    Current Player Mackie

    Mackie (and Mous) are big players off the pitch. They keep this group together. You keep them happy, you keep the group happy. Worth the wage with our young squad.
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    Potential New Ground

    Why else would they be here?
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    Potential New Ground

    Which is why the board don’t want to go up this year. They can’t be expected to fund both and we all know which is the priority.
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    Potential New Ground

    There’s is no interest in buying the Kassam, never had been under the current regime. What would the money men on our board gain from it? Apart from Thohir they’re all still here, so that tells you that a new 20,000 stadium at Water Eaton is still on the cards.
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    Away Match Thread +++ 22/02/20 Ipswich Town v OUFC+++

    The attempt to push the club forward off the field is now having an effect on Robinson’s promotion push. No manager would welcome that as most personnel below the board are only interested in the here and now. He didn’t get the January budget he wanted or thought he was having so he can either...
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    Manager/Coach Karl Robinson - Will he walk

    Which would people prefer, a new stadium or imminent promotion? The money’s not there for both right now, I think we all know which is more important.
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    Manager/Coach Karl Robinson - Will he walk

    Tigers not running off anywhere that’s for sure. Robinson, who knows? Living fairly locally and being one of the higher earners in this division may keep him here.
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    Music Oxford have run out to

    Coldplay - Yellow. Apparently one of the reasons we were so bad that year we were relegated from League 1/Divison 2/3rd tier. Another was that murky domino kit. Nothing to do with Kemp of course.
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    EFL Beating teams from 6 different leagues

    Millwall game was a draw wasn’t it?
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    General Jan transfer window

    I wonder if Marcus Brown could be signed on a permanent with Fosu going the other way. Given Fosu’s low fee release clause I reckon Karl would go for that.
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    One spare Man City ticket in SSU

    I’m in need of a ticket if anyone has a spare!
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    Transfer News Jordan Archer

    Pretty sure I’ve seen Scott McNiven play in goal at the kasssam. Was it Atkins that didn’t often have a sub goalkeeper?
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