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Trump watch (2)

I didn't think he looked much of a porker on the interview. Or someone who suffers from dementia.
I didn't think he looked much of a porker on the interview. Or someone who suffers from dementia.
Mr T conducted himself very well, he also had good posture -unlike Morgan slouched in his chair. Hope he gets to visit the UK
It looks like he will be over here twice this year. Plenty of time for everyone to get offended beforehand
I'm certainly all in favour of Mr Trump making an appearance or two. It will be interesting to see who can be bothered to turn out in favour of him or against him.

I'm expecting one set to be flying 'special relationship' half and half flags while wishing we had someone like Donald in charge. I'm expecting the other set to be well and truly offended by him already, no need to work on it in the lead up to his visit(s).

I'm also expecting most of the British public to not give a toss.
My gut feeling is a lot of anti Trumpers will be on parade getting the knickers in a knot while the pro Trumpers will be at work wondering what the fuss is about. Antifa and their ilk will destroy property, spray paint stuff, get in beefs with the rozzers and generally act like arses while recording it on their iPhones. Sturgeon will pontificate like normal. Boris will use a random word that will confuse everyone. Ho hum.

At least the police will be happy with the overtime!
Not our place to protest a democratically elected leader of a free country, but I'm sure that sentiment will be lost on the many 16-30 year old vegan Corbynistas who turn out to protest his visit.
Yeh, any protest is likely to be hi-jacked by extremists. If there was a guarantee of peaceful protest I would attend myself, because I think it's important that Mr Trump realises not everyone around the world thinks he's a matinee idol. And as for it not being our business what a democratically elected leader does or says - nonsense. It's the exact opposite. In a democracy (like the UK) we can express our feelings, within the law, about anybody or anything.

As its stands, Mr Trump is likely to be able to dismiss extreme protest for what it is. Sensible voices opposed to what he stands for will be lost. After his cosy interview with Mr Morgan he will continue to believe he's a superhero, opposed only by a 'mindless few'.
The sad part is the loudest voices will be the ones who had the quietest voices when President Xi had his tour of the UK.

And in all honesty, I do wonder how many real anti Trumpers there are? Like many things nowadays, the outrage has become very amplified and I suspect that most of the general public will be mildly unfussed, unbothered or mildly fussed. Or just bored of it. Like we are on most things outside of the national football teams and Strictly.
Trump is a disgrace to the great office which he sadly holds. The fact that he's putting off his visit for as long as possible, and blaming other reasons, is typical of his character.

He knows he's being divisive with his statements. Well that's his choice. "He says it as he sees it" is the defence.

Well, a lot of people will be saying it as THEY see it when he visits. Which is only fair.
If a similar sign to the below isn't there, I will be disappointed
A chance for the loonie left brigade who slept over during the 'Brexit' vote to spew their bile and wave their banners. Bless.
Corbyn and Abbott two very odd bedfellows, and two reasons why I'll never vote Labour again, well, for a very long time at least.
Eejit protesters. Should be rolling out the red carpet for him, let him have a nice banquet with Liz as long as somebody shoves a nice trade deal under his nose for him to sign beforehand.
"You want to see the queen Donny? Oh alright then, she might even let you wear one of her nice shiny hats. Oh wait, you wouldn't mind signing this quickly would you?"
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