Local News Traffic Filters in Oxford

'News the MSM dare not talk about'? Golly. So GB News is a little amateur operation in someone's shed, rather than MSM?
Not at all, I believe they exposed Sir Kiers possible Covid lockdown rule breaks before the BBC. Sky etc... but spoke about that as much as BJ's.

They also questioned lockdowns and Covid vaccines passports, which seem to be gaining interest. Also the Channel crossings months before it become headline news.

I still watch BBC News too, but do not criticise those who exclusively watch that channel.
Fellow OUFC fan and County Councillor who has led the calls for the new stadium is now leading calls to SCRAP the East Oxford and Cowley LTN's. There is vote on 7th Nov

Traffic around Cowley is awful nowadays. Please, contact the below asking them to vote to REMOVE the divisive LTN's, which have increased traffic and pollution around the area:

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