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Season Ticket 2019/20


New member
9 Feb 2019
I’ve not had a season ticket since my daughter was born in 2013, does anyone know how much an adult season ticket in the South Stand Lower will be next season? Prices for East and North would be much appreciated too ?
Not yet.

The club would be mad to increase prices next year, if we’re relegated or not. Therefore you could hopefully use this year’s prices as a guide. You never know with Tiger though...!

My eldest turns five in October but I’m not going to take her up (if she wants to go) regularly until she’s at least 7. If she’s anything like me at that age, her concentration span and interest just won’t be quite high enough. I was 11 before I started going to most home games in a season.
Family section in the North Stand might be cheaper with the little 'un (although don't know) and then you have the benefit of the kid's room (whatever it is called) to help entertain your daughter at halftime.
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