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6 Dec 2017
If true its a shame, lets hope a sizable fee plus a multitude of add ons have been secured!

IMO not only is he one of our own with potential to become a full International, away to Wigan last he demonstrated just what an asset he is/ could be, and that he is a genuine utility player too. The fire, passion and determination he showed in that game ( lets not forget Wigan battered us at home), in at least 3 different positions in that game, after not featuring for most of the season, is exactly what I like to see from anyone playing for the U's.... and, local lad playing for his local team while expected nonetheless that pride CC showed away to Wigan was IMO superb!

That said, in several 'interviews' KR didnt seem to rate young , and he is still young , CC ...... maybe a case of personalities that dont work too well together?


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2018-19 shirt sponsor for Jamie Hanson
13 Jan 2018
I would be disappointed if this were true. Everybody took a step backwards in an awful season last year. But he is a young player who would benefit from proper coaching and with the new set up I think it would be worth at least a season to see how it pans out. Unless KR is confident of getting in players, and soon and on a permanent basis, getting rid of a player who was showing great potential would be unwise.


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12 Dec 2017
I wouldn’t be surprised if true as he appeared to me to be too hot headed, erratic and not wise enough to read the game from a positional perspective.
I think you've hit the nail on the head. Remember, KR hardly played him, even as a sub in match day squads.
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