Carroll gone

Canice leaving

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7 Dec 2017
To Brentford, hopefully we got a good deal!
Great move for him, best of luck to the lad.
Ludicrous decision to sell, unless it was silly money. On Saturday we all bemoaned the lack of bite in midfield, so naturally we sell our only defensive-minded midfielder.
Good luck to him..... versatile player and one of our own ...shame KR didn't rate him :confused:

Hope theres one hefty sized sell on clause in the deal ?
Good luck to him..... versatile player and one of our own ...shame KR didn't rate him :confused:

Hope theres one hefty sized sell on clause in the deal ?

Brentford mate has just text this...they normally include hefty sell ons
Shame to lose him but can only presume it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. As others say, hope it’s a hefty sell on with him too.

One good of it is that it advertises to our youngsters that being at Oxford can get you places. Seeing O’Dowda and Carroll move on along with young players using Oxford as a springboard for bigger things can’t be bad. Hope that players and agents are recognising this. Easily the best thing that DE and MApp introduced.

Huge pressure on now to supplement the squad. I haven’t hidden my disappointment at our late recruitment this year. Hoping we can nab a few targets before the window shuts.
I liked Canice for his gung ho spirit but was disappointed with him in H & R friendly ..his International appearances and this move hopefully will move his career on and prove MA correct
Put in a woeful performance against Longford in Ireland. Not heard great things about his attitude either. Very good move for him and the club, shows our model is still working well. All the best to him and hopefully we sign up a defensive midfielder to replace him.
I always thought he played like a 29yo league 2 stalwart
Aybe that’s why done liked him so much
Canny beyond his years but he never looked like a being any more than a lower league player to me
KR clearly didn’t rate him, yet a team further up the pyramid did. As did MApp.

I hope he goes on and has a great career, including a big sell on down the line. Shame to see a youngest leave but all the best Canice!!
He wasn’t in KR plans. Never the less a very good talented player. He will be in good hands at Brentford, and I’m sure they will take care of him. Also help his development. Undisclosed fee was always the case.
he's gone to Brentford B team - not even the first team, bizzare...

If anything, that makes it an even better bit of business for OUFC to get a fee for an unwanted player who isn't even seen as a first team player at the buying club.
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