Ex Player Canice Carroll - joins scum

It was a strange move to Brentford really, he joined there under 23s not as a first team player, so you can’t blame him for taking a loan to play proper football even if it means having to play in a 2rd world slum.

Never thought that much of him as a player myself, seemed a bit of a headless chicken, but he could prove me wrong.
Appeared to me like a kid that thought he had made it already. To be honest the limited time we saw of him he looked like a walking red card and didn’t impress me, apart from one crunching tackle in front of the Oxford Mail!
Some beard he is trying to grow, has he turned muslim?
But, he was one of our own!?!?

Officially worse than O'Dowda. And Marvin Johnson. And Hitler.
The usual response from the usual bunch of keyboard warriors, clearly bereft of intelligence
Canice is a decent baller who, for one reason or another, wasn't able to make it into the starting 11 on a regular basis. I understand that KR didn't rate him and I heard the feeling was mutual. I suspect the move to Brentford was never about first team football, more about his own development. A subsequent loan to a club quite close to his Oxfordshire home makes complete sense.
Comparisons to Hitler and him becoming a muslim nicely sums up the mental capacity of Ox4Eva and Aylesbury Rich. Grow up lads
He’s a professional looking for 1st team minutes. Think it’s irrelevant whether he was “one of our own”. A move that I would suspect is close to home so makes sense.
It would have been worse to go direct from us to them and some have vice versa and prob. won't be the last but not sure why he didn't just try and get picked up by a lg 2 outfit in the 1st place
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