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Yellow hert

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7 Dec 2017
I’m probably being stupid but is it possible to purchase memberships on line? I’ve gone through the clubs e ticketing page on website but it only has information not the ability to purchase. I won’t be in Oxford for a while so this is my only option
Certainly been able to buy them online in previous seasons - how I have always bought mine. Not checked for this season yet.
There has been no announcement in relation to a membership for this season as far as I know.
You have been able to buy online in previous seasons so it's probably just waiting till the product is available (which might not be for a while if the return to the stadium is ST holders first)
I'm sure that the club will look to maximise season ticket sales at the moment, and allow them first entry into the stadium. Then they'll probably look at promoting membership for the second phase of attendance when numbers are able to be increased.

Not everyone will agree, but for a very small premium it will give greater opportunities to see games live and put some much needed cash in the clubs accounts.
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