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Fan's View Accrington Away - Rage Online

Thank you, Will: an excellent report.

The difficulty referees have in responding to niggly / calculated fouls is, to my mind, the greatest downside of watching League 1 football. And I agree, some teams seem to be cuter than us. When necessary, their players are 'stronger', but then fall over at the slightest touch on the edge of our box. I think I have seen only one player booked for diving in the last year.
cheers for that, was a good read.
they’re doing well considering the size of their ground. didn’t realise capacity was that low
From the games I have seen and some of the opposing managers comments then it looks like we are turning into a strong div 1 team.

Coleman is not one for false platitudes and his comments were interesting. We have several players who can go past defenders, Brannagan is a class act, Taylor should do the business at this level and we have a few players like Ruffels who get solid 7/10 ratings every week.

If we can avoid selling any stars in January and possibly get a couple to boost the squad then surely play offs are a very realistic target.

I’m as optimistic about KR and the team as I ever have been!!
Thanks for the match report from our Northern Correspondent! Very good. :)
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Could not believe how small their ground was ?

Minus the distinctive smell of farmyard fertilizer/shite, I'd say it's probably my favourite ground in the league. Will visit again.
Was thinking oh blast , no Rage Online , this week and then get this great report!
I would say..... Sign him up , Sign him up!;)
I haven't been to the Crown Ground for some four years as I missed the midweek fixture last time we went. It might seem strange, but it has improved quite a bit. They've keep the uncovered away terrace which is a nice steep stepped one so generally you can see most of the match. The pitch looks like it has been raised and replanted as looked lovely compared to the potato field they used to have. Also the surrounding wall to the pitch looks to have been rebuilt to.

What was basically a cowshed corrugated roof stand with a few rows of seats /standing has been replaced by a modern all seater away stand for home and away fans (still not huge, but big enough), and the away fans' food and facilities are now behind that stand with decent modern loos, separate food and drinks bars, and as mentioned in the report an "accrington ale".

Also a nice electronic full display scoreboard in the corner of the away terrace.

Entering the ground involved a lot of bag checks and patting down. Probably because Blackpool caused a bit of trouble the other week by throwing bottles etc. Andy Holt who seems to be a very decent chairman says that next year their allocation will be cut and the beer prices raised.

Beer near the ground a little disappointing. The Grey Horse only had Thwaites original, and The Crown had I think Doombar (all the way from Cornwall) and Wainwright Gold. Spoons in town had more but well it's a Spoons the same as every other one.
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