Best Moment Ever

First home game post Kassam 2006, 'the boys are back in town' . The sense of relief and excitement at the start of a new era. We played ja vue for next Saturday (not sure if that's a good or bad omen - time will tell).
FA Cup 1964. Blackburn Rovers. Could not believe we won that match ...and won it well. Remember Blackburn fan stamping on his rosette in Beech Road. Entrance fee 25p ( and that was above usual price as it was the 5th round). Gate...22000.
For me it has to be Potters goal at Wembley. That was the most important game in the clubs history as far as I am concerned. If we had lost on that day I really feel the club would have taken years to recover.
In terms of utterly mental, scraped knees, crushed toes, bust legs, world hanging off you goal celebrations Rob Hall's "skip stunner" will take some beating! Who still watches it now to try and forget about the current mediocre drivel?
So many great moments being a u’s supporter the semi final and final in 86 are obvious ones, but I think the wins against swindon over the years are right up there as best moments. David Sloan’s goal in 69 in front of a packed manor and Joey’s goal at the cuckoo lane end in 96.
The final whistle celebrations at the county ground in our last two league visits, moments that that stay with you forever.
Carlisle away, de ja vu that night was rocking, the Carlisle folk let us get on with it and even joined in, the bouncer saying ‘ ok oxford let the locals get on the dance floor ‘ then sweet Caroline coming on again for the umpteenth time.
The scenes in the away end at Carlisle when Sercombe scored the second was amazing. So many bodies everywhere.

Another one I hadn't seen mentioned and it didn't end well in the end but our equaliser as Middlesborough last season was an amazing feeling. To be 2-0 down to a premier league team and then equalise in front of 4000 travelling fans was amazing.
Les PHILLIPS goal against Everton
Steve Biggins against manure
The fifth against Pompey
Cheys against wyscum
All against the scum
All those mentioned are excellent but how about Shrewsbury 6-0...think all the goals were headers
Johnny Lager's demolition of , I think, Luton at the Manor, twas my youngest sons first home game too
Darryl saying that he didn’t sell to Sartori because it wasn’t in the best interest of the club!
One I forgot to add to my list:

Paul Gerrard's save away Vs Sheffield United. Absolutely stunning save. Capped off a great day.
Ha! Mine is Joey's goal against Blackpool too. At that moment I knew we would catch and overtake Blackpool and get promoted.
What a goal!
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