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VAR only worked well when it wasn't operated by utter imbeciles. It corrected some decisions but conversely I believe it overruled some original correct decisions. The penalty decision on Sunday was an utter joke.....
far better to just leave it to the officials then surely?

prior to VAR nobody would have screamed for a penalty, everyone would have looked at it for what it was the ball hitting the player when not even a foot away form an opponent.

The problem is the tv companies need to incite controversy or their pundits would be out of a job.

as i've always said stop tv replays and the problem goes away.
I am not sure that he didn't see it?

When he went over to the TV he was there an age and clearly took quite a long time to make his decision. This does not suggest that it is a clear penalty?

VAR certainly has not stopped opinions. I am with the BBC panel who I think were unanimous in suggesting that it was not a penalty. Some obviously disagree!
My point is if he didn't there is no obvious error and crucially the lino who was this side never flagged either.

The laws are meant to apply to everyone anyway and in the case of VAR it is clearly not the case since it wont be in operation throughout all competitions/leagues.

i was sceptical about it prior to it's introduction and nothing i've seen in the world cup changes that view, just let the officials manage the game.
I suspect that the introduction of VAR has been almost forced upon the game by the amount of multi-camera TV coverage. The 'pundits', commentators and journalists (quite possibly club officials and managers as well) have access to footage immediately after any incident that gives them (at times) a better view than the match officials could ever have - thus allowing them to criticise the ref for the 3% or 4% of decisions they get wrong. On the face of it, VAR gives the ref equal access to that material. But as we have seen, while putting right some wrongs, it has also caused some correct decisions to be reversed. This has been made worse by having a committee of refs watching the footage and buzzing the onfield official if they think something MIGHT be incorrect - even if it is not a 'clear and obvious' error.

I think there might be ways around it: as in tennis and cricket, give teams a limited number of appeals which they lose if they appeal incorrectly, or only allow the onfield ref to decide by himself if he thinks he needs another look.

Even then, the fact that it cannot be implemented at any other than the very 'top' echelons of the game makes be very doubtful. But could the genie now be put back in the bottle?

Gary Baldi

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The best way to implement VAR is to do it slowly. So focus on penalty decisions only, then onto free kicks, then onto appeals, etc. You make it easier to avoid stupid decisions like we saw in the WC


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