General What happened to Sports Science?


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6 Dec 2017
Under IL tenure Sport Science was introduced at OUFC ...intention being to ensure ALL players were fitter and recovery times from knocks etc were reduced

Under Slippery and MA with MApp as head coach I think it, Sport Science, was used and utilised successfully, for a while at least

What has happened to that sport science system in recent times? First team dressing room must resemble something like a scene from the walking dead of late, with all the crocks, part walking wounded and blatantly unfit forming daily queues outside the treatment room(s).... has sport science gone from OUFC, never to be seen or mentioned ever again? ....or can sport science ONLY be used when the long awaited new training ground finally opens for business?
It's a throwback to the 80s under KR. Who needs "Sports Science", just get 'em running on the beach until they puke, conduct intensive training sessions on the morning of games... In fact, get 'em playing 2 games in 1 day!

I don't mean to get personal but KR's appearance suggests that healthy living is not a priority - compare his gut to Mapp's chiseled torso!
IL owned a sports science company I believe. I often wondered how much we spent on it at the time. Marginally better recovery times apparently although I expect the results were slighty skewed in its favour I seem to remember we signed a few sick note players without medicals under CW
Some injuries are just bad luck such as Nelson, Thomas, Pekalski, Carruthers, Eastwood and maybe Sports Science has and will aid their recovery. That said we have brought some players in who came with a high risk where injuries were known or contributed to a lack fitness. Hall, Holmes, Mackie, Ribero. The question you have to ask is whether the risks were worth it. In Holmes case it depends on how many games we will get from him this season. For Hall, I seriously doubt whether he will ever get back to being a serious L1 player.
Sport science will assist with training, recovery, analysis and ‘marginal gains’ etc. It’s not going to fix recurring/historical injuries, high risk/unfit players etc. It may manage the risk but you roll the dice with some players and it may/may not come off.

That said I don’t particularly rate the pre-season science. I certainly didn’t rate it before the season and now it’s looking like a f**k up
It’s not rocket science! Although everyone is slightly different biologically the simple phases are the same. To anyone who knows anything about fitness - exercise and then recovery are essential. Both are massively influenced by nutrition. Don’t exercise properly or too much will likely result in injury. Don’t allow appropriate recovery time and you’ll get injured quite quickly.
I have no idea what KR was talking about in preseason ‘playing under fatigue’ it’s bull crap.
Players don’t normally train the day after a game for a reason let alone actually playing another match.
Add to that the need for a pychologist - its worrying that when the season is so long we arent seemingly mentally strong after 5 games. Not sure KR is my man to inspire people with confidence issues. Let him just manage. Mental condition is as important as physical - we need a motivator /life coach by the look of it
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