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6 Dec 2017
Our members should now be in receipt of an email update of our position.

It’s been a tough old week but one thing will always remain, the fans.

We wish anyone travelling to Blackpool a safe and hopefully successful trip. Get behind those yellow men!!

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Thank you for your work and the email! Including all comms is spot on so thank you.

For me I’m done with our current stewardship and it’s same s**t different day.

Every owner has covered losses that I’m aware of. Unfortunately that’s what happens when you buy a football club in L1.

As for NW replying and saying the owners may not reply just sums it up. Won’t reply, won’t do anything.

Niall McWilliams said the board might not respond to the email? That in itself leads one to wonder if Niall himself sends emails that they don’t respond to. How much support are the men and women on the ground actually getting from those in the Ivory Tower? The level of contempt, and lack of any respect to the supporters, that they appear to be showing is quite alarming. It sadly seems that we’re nothing more than an irritant getting in the way of whatever scheme they’re here for.
The overall tone is very good. It appears that the MD is no longer a mere spokesperson for the board, which is interesting.

However, something puzzles me.

"OxVox estimate that Tiger is covering losses, from personal funds, very substantially in excess of the million pounds that we might have expected."

Where does this figure come from? And, if not personal funds, from where would any losses be covered? The club has no income to speak of, there is no fund held by the club to pay anything. Very substantial is a very worrying turn of phrase. Over what timescale is this?
NM has no credibility and the board are full of s**t.

I think that sums it all up!
A good, comprehensive response.

However, it says that OxVox “will concentrate our efforts in seeking meaningful answers from the club.” Surely that’s whats been happening for the past year with no substantive response? Is now not the time to finally admit that no answers are forthcoming and actually protest?
What is becoming increasingly evident is that NMcW knows almost as little as the fans do about Tiger's plan for the club.

The future of OUFC is resting in the hands of a man that, as yet, has given absolutely zero indication that he knows how to run a football club.

It's all very, very worrying.
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