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7 Dec 2017
What`s to stop FK starting building on the car parks?
Once building starts on Grenoble Road (archaeological trial trenching/ground testing etc has already happened) it will be viable.
Chuck another hotel/leisure on the East Stand carpark, extend Denny gardens onto the overflow car park somebody might even put a train station behind the Science Park.
Until then there isn`t the pressure on the ground footprint but the value increases......
The footing for the West Stand are in place under the car park, chuck that up, increase the rent, apartments in the corners......... lots of options still remain at the current ground.

Of course if the football club goes bust, defaults as a tenant and is evicted to re-start ground sharing with Oxford City then the bulldoze option is the big win.
27 Sep 2018
Ice Rink would be good, apart from cost and traffic congestion, you need good rail and road links, so by choice would try again for Kidligton close to rail station and reasonable road links
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