Rules re loans set to be enforced


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And tightened up too..... a number of prem clubs (chelski ahead of the pack by miles) have been pushing thier luck 're loaning players out ....instead of developing them themselves.....currently chelski have 39 players out on loan.....chelski have been turning over a sizable profit by signing players, farming them out (where they been developed) and sold on often without ever playing in a chelski shirt.
Other prem clubs have jumped on the bandwagon too.
The amount of players loaned out will be severely limited for 2020-21 season....also the amount of players loaned out to any club will be reduced to a maximum of just 2

And now I seem to have lost the link to this story & can't (as yet) find where it was either. It is out there .....if anyone can help with the link or source it'd be appreciated ....somehow the cut n paste option didn't 'cut ' this time !


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"Clubs such as Chelsea will also have to reconsider the level of relationship they have with partner clubs. "........................ that is interesting especially with the chatter about lower league teams being feeders for the pigs at the trough.


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This appears to be a very good thing.
In theory it should mean that the lower leagues will have a better chance of developing and selling on players.
As for the Chelsea 'model. I hate it.


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Instead of sending all their young players out on loan, why don't the big clubs set up B teams, they could play in for instance an expanded L1, L2 and conference?
Part way down that route 'thanks ' to Shaun Harvey
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