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Sport proud Grampy alert 2


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6 Dec 2017
good luck to my grandaughters, all 3 are competing in the Scottish open Taekwondo championship in Glasgow this weekend

Eldest grandaughter is a member of the current England squad (3 caps -so far, and a prospective medalist too, younger two also have aspirations of top 3 finishes in their respective age/grade classes )- go for it girls



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youngest grandaughter won Gold medal in sparring

middle grandaughter won Bronze Medal in Patterns

Eldest grandaughter won Gold medal sparring, gold medal special technique, Gold in patterns
Plus Scottish Open tkd 2019 tournament overall champion

me grandaughters and their bling :)

My son was never sporty so when three years ago he came home from school wanting to try it I was sceptical.
2.5 years later he has raced through the belts and is working towards his black stripe belt.
He’s in a national competition in a week or so in Basingstoke and he loves it.
Been a great sport for him and has helped his confidence no end. The discipline in the sport is terrific too.
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