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Player Ratings vs Barnsley


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26 Dec 2017
Eastwood - 8 - sometimes distribution let him down

McMahon - 6 - steady enough, offered little going forward

Dickie - 5 - didn’t look organised with partner CB

Nelson - 5 - see above

Garbutt - 3 - expected so much more. Looked out of depth - every time they attacked on their right (our left) they beat man or got cross in, offered nothing going forward.

Brannagan - 6 - work hard and played simple pass but no one to play off.

Ruffels - 4 - Did Ruffles play? Went missing!!

Curruthers - injured first half but looked good on ball.

Henry - 6 - tried hard no end product.

Mackie - 2 - didn’t look fit to me? Struggled to run let alone affect the game. Surprised he started.

Obika - 4 - got himself in some good positions but no end product. Kept falling over.

Smith - 5 - came on first half had done nice touches but never really in the game.

Hall - 7 - looked good, willing to run at people, 2 good long range efforts - if fit needs to play.

Whyte - 5 - played 7 minutes. - not sure he touched the ball?
Can't quite agree with this. I was amongst the Barnsley supporters, who were quite sympathetic given the result. They rated Hall and Obika, thought Dickie was awful.

I would say:
Eastwood 8
McMahon 5 - beaten too often
Dickie 5
Nelson 6
Garbutt 6 - it's not his fault we had such high expectations
Brannagan 6
Ruffels 4 - I agree
Henry - 6
Mackie - 3 - I agree
Obika - 6
Smith - 6
Hall - 7

I would have to say that the defence handled the aerial threat OK. The main problem was the lack of bite in midfield. Some of this can be put down to five new starters.
Eastwood - 7- Amazing save 1st half, commanded his area very well from set pieces. Nice to see Eastwood being more Vocal and not afraid to tell players they made mistakes.

McMahon - 4 - nothing going forward, gave away to many silly fouls

Dickie - 5 - Nervy

Nelson - 4 - Nervy and didn't look like a leader, looked like his head wasn't there.

Garbutt - 3 - Too narrow at times and gave winger to much time

Brannagan - 7 - Doing job of 2 men and tried to make things happen.

Ruffels - 3 - looked out of his depth, B

Henry - 5 - Barnsley had a man on him all the time, no opportunity to make a difference

Mackie - 2 - not fit, anonymous generally forgot he was playing

Obika - 2 - Bambi,1on1 you have to shoot, In pre season he got in the box, now it's the season he keeps drifting out wide. MATE your a striker get yourself on the shoulder of the Centrebacks

Smith - 5 - Quick and couple of neat touches, Lindsay didn't give him any chance.

Hall - 7 - Our biggest threat, Mcmahon looked decent with him on the right, was nice to see Hall would try to test the keeper.

Whyte - 5 - reminds me of Napa, looks a little lightweight, the one touch i remember him getting the rb got right behind him and set him 10 yds down the pitch
Both of you are very generous with those scores.

Hall came on and was worth a 6 or 7 for effort.
Brannagan and Eastwood a 4.
Everyone else I would score as a 2 or a 1.
It was a pathetic shambles.
Some generous 6’s for Brannagan - who huffed and puffed - but mostly gave the ball away or backed off and watched as he and Ruffels were effortlessly dusted aside for the entire game. We’d have looked as vulnerable if those two weren’t even on the pitch.

They both got a footballing lesson by f*cking slow-motion Mowatt! (Who btw seemed to be a little more trim, has evidently worked hard in pre-season, and looked unrecognisably good in a better team than Clotet’s bunch of misfits)

Eastwood - 8 (kept the score down at least...but was under so much pressure he switched off a few times)

McMahon - 3 (poor poor poor. Slow, targeted, miserable whenever he did get the ball. And his much-vaunted dead ball delivery wasn’t up to much when he did get the chance)

Garbutt - 5 (did better than McMahon defensively. But similarly wasteful when he did get the ball at his feet. Looked overwhelmed)

Dickie - 7 (a couple of slack moments, but also a number of outstanding one-on-one blocks or challenges, and won some vital headers)

Nelson - 7 (as with Dickie. It’s hard work for centre backs when you get utterly no protection from anyone in front of you

Brannagan - 4 (tried to get it down and play at times. But looked powder puff, lightweight and hopelessly outclassed. And the amount of times he stood back, didn’t press his man or make a challenge was infuriating

Ruffels - 2 (a generous 2, because he’s a nice guy, a hard worker and a good squad player. But that was as poor a central midfield performance as I can remember. As out of his depth as a toddler dropped into the middle of the Atlantic. He’ll know himself that wasn’t good enough

Mackie - 3 (apparently not fit, which may explain why he did nothing, didn’t run, and basically vanished off the face of the earth as the game wore on. Also didn’t help us at all by not bothering to track back properly ever...

Henry - 5 (I thought he got in some decent positions and was one of our better performers. The problem was whenever he did get it in a half-way decent position he gave the ballaway. Same as Mackie, no effort defensively, contributing to Ruffs and Brannagan being so exposed)

Smith - 5 (rough gig for a young player making his way in the game. Did some positive things, but didn’t ever really influence the game...

Carruthers - (no rating, but I thought he was our best player before he went off)

Obika - 4 (the usual dilemma. His size and movement is challenging for defences. But his lack of willingness to use his strength, and his miserable chance/conversion rate cost us dearly today. Missing good chances at 0-0, 1-0 and 2-0 - all of which could’ve changed the game. Its hard to disagree with those slating him tonight. But then again he was the only starter today who looked remotely like he might score...

Hall - 6 (miles better than anyone else in Blue/Yellow on the pitch when he came on. Problem is he was pretty much on his own trying to beat the Barnsley defence single-handedly

Whyte - (no rating. But not the most encouraging of debuts. He needs a lot of work)
I suspect Garbutt will be one of those players whose performance today will be unrecognisable in October once he's match fit.
Both of you are very generous with those scores.

Hall came on and was worth a 6 or 7 for effort.
Brannagan and Eastwood a 4.
Everyone else I would score as a 2 or a 1.
It was a pathetic shambles.
Eastwood 4? He kept it from being 6 or 7.
Eastwood being typical Eastwood could of been 7 or 8-0 without him excellent reaction save first half, makes a mistake with the miss kicks but fantastic recovering save

Full backs were terrible but on Garbutt defence quite a few time he was 2 v 1 but should of done a lot better, imo I thought Dickie was the best of a bad bunch at the back

Centre midfielder I dont want to see Brannagan & Ruffles as a two partnership again both lightweight in there, overrun & went totally missing

No width what so ever until Robbie Hall came on & made a difference,

Obika had our 2 best chances but fell over when he shot on target & then went one on one only to fall over again

Fingers crossed we get Holmes in & this Central Midfielder which is desperately needed after today performance, still think we need to go out & sign a proven striker who can get 15+ in this league as all 3 main strikers played today & didn’t look a treat on there goal
Both of you are very generous with those scores.

Hall came on and was worth a 6 or 7 for effort.
Brannagan and Eastwood a 4.
Everyone else I would score as a 2 or a 1.
It was a pathetic shambles.

You're one of those people who gives everything a 1 star review on Amazon for the most trivial reasons.
A shambles from start to finish. Tactics were woeful. Individuals were shocking (minus Eastwood) and we were lucky to come away with a goal difference of only -4.

I’m usually fairly positive. I totally agree that it is only one game and Barnsley were very good but we were shocking.

It’s all very well saying get behind the boys, but it becomes very difficult to be positive about performances that I saw today.

We will go again Saturday, but some people are too quick to slam realistic views of how bad we were today.

Don’t get the booing though. This isn’t 7-0 Clotet bad.
Watch their players leaving the field and my god they looked big, strong and athletic. It was men verses boys today, and that’s one thing we won’t be able to change unless we bring in some brutes!
Eastwood - 7 Made a few good saves and commanded his area well. Distribution was poor and put us in trouble a few times.

McMahon 3 - Looked slow and was badly exposed by their quick winger. You could tell that Barnsley knew Thiam had him on toast, they tried getting him the ball as early as possible in the first half. Was left exposed however, surely Henry/Mackie has to help him by doubling up?

Dickie 4 - Did ok in the air. Gave away some silly fouls for holding. Not his best game.

Nelson 4 - Ditto above. Never got his foot on the ball our brought it out of defence like he is capable of. Doubt he will face a handful like Moore again all season however.

Garbutt 3 - Biggest disappointment on the day for me. Was really looking forward to seeing him play. He had no help from Mackie both defensively or as an out ball when he got it. That being said he looked slow, small and soft.

Ruffels 2 - Don’t want to stick the boot in too much but I think everyone could see that he was out of his depth. Gave away the ball for the second goal in a criminal area. Would start Mousinho net week if this new midfielder doesn’t come in.

Brannagan 4 - Tried to make things happen but the game passed him by. Will come good if he gets a strong partner.

Mackie 2 - And that’s being generous. Didn’t look like he could run. I must admit I forgot that we had signed him until I saw that he was starting. Jury is still very much out on this signing. Won’t hold my breath.

Henry 3 - Anonymous. Couple of decent touches. Think they identified him as a danger and nullified him. Didn’t help our full backs out tracking back.

Carruthers N/A - Looked ok before going off. First goal came whilst he was off. Terrible organisation. Hope he’s not out for as long as feared.

Obika 3 - Thought his performance could be best summarised by my year 8 P.E report, “Tries hard but fails to reach a particularly high standard.” TBF he was feeding of scraps and their Centre halfs were both 6ft4. Never really made life difficult for them though. Best two opportunities fell to him. One was a weak effort after good work by Smith, the second he kind of just fell over when put through.


Smith 5 - Shows flashes of what he can do. Was never given a chance to score really. More to come I feel.

Hall 7 - Probabky the only one who emerges with any credit. Looked direct and quick when he came on. Has to start.

Whyte N/A - Wansnt on for long enough to make an impact. I would have brought him on 10 minutes earlier. Looks lightweight, though.
For what it is worth here is my view:

Eastwood - 6 - people giving him 8 is way to high. Yes he made a couple of great saves, but always slowed us down, and distribution was quite poor. Doesn't make a decision who. To throw or kick to so went long every time even though we were being dominated in the air and not getting any second balls. Should have started playing shorter to give us a chance.

McMahon - 4 - looked OK going forwards, but was caught out by their number 26 every time he went forward.

Dickie - 5 - better of the defenders for me. Looked OK in the air. Poor midfield meant no protection or out ball.

Nelson - 4 - did not look like a leader or captain to me today.

Garbutt - 4 - showed some glimpses of promise but caught of position too often. No protection from Mackie at all.

Brannagan - 5 - I feel sorry for this lad. He is a number 10 and is played too deep. He is not in the team to win the ball but to be a playmaker. He needs a hard aggressive player alongside him.

Ruffles - 2 - extremely poor. The games just keep passing him by. He runs a lot, but cannot tackle, cannot pass and seems to lose runners a lot. Should be 4th choice midfielder at best.

Mackie - 2 - didn't do anything. Didn't seem fit at all.

Henry - 3 - could not get into the game. Too slow. Seems like the Henry at the start of last season.

Carruthers - 4 - a couple of neat touches and plenty of endeavour, but no one playing it to him in good positions.

Obika - 3 - showed more promise than the whole of last season. Some good movement, held the ball up at times BUT he has no quality. No final pass or shot. The time he fell over 1 on 1 was embarrassing for a professional footballer.

Smith - 5 - could be a good signing. Made an impact early on but faded as the game progressed.

Hall - 7 - quick and direct. His running scared Barnsley but he had to try and do it on his own.

Whyte - 3 - no time to make an impact.
Regarding Hall - anyone else get the feeling that yesterday he was trying to say to KR 'start me next week!' ? He was our only bright spark yesterday.
Regarding Hall - anyone else get the feeling that yesterday he was trying to say to KR 'start me next week!' ? He was our only bright spark yesterday.

Hall should be first choice to play on the right wing once he’s fully fit, direct pace & a goal threat everything we didn’t have on either wing yesterday
October! Match fit! He a pro footballer, he should be match fit now, not only that he’s a premiership pro footballer, and most people on this thread are giving him 2 or 3 out of ten.
Hes rumoured to be on 25K a week! For that he could at least lay off the pies and go for the odd jog over summer
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