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Player Ratings - Sunderland Away 3rd Aug 2019

If it's anything like the muppets I sit near, then you're really asking an awful lot of them to take someone's performance into account before shouting abuse! Last year I had someone telling the world how s**t Garbutt was and how Ruffels should replace him when Ruffels had actually replaced him for the last 4 games!!!!
You obviously do not sit in the SSU as most of us cannot see as far as the pitch. Oh wait now perhaps you do.
Dickies performance was as close to a 10 as a player could get imo

Yes Fosu did drift out of the game but we took the foot off the gas in the 2nd half defending the 1-0 lead
I thought he was devastating at times in the 1st half
A draw away at Sunderland is a bloody good result. Even more so given that we as a team restricted them to very few actual chances. The as a team is the important part here. A true team performs better than the sum of its parts! But also a dodgy pen and perfectly good goal disallowed.
I can’t help thinking with a bit of real power and pace (also the ability to hold the ball up) we’d have won easily.

Not getting carried away but out of 10 I’d give:

Eastwood - 11
Cadden - 11
Dickie - 12 MOTM
Mousinho - 11
Ruffels - 11
Brannagan - 11
Gorrin - 11
Henry - 11
Woodburn - 11
Fosu - 11
Mackie - 11
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