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General Player ratings - Coventry Home 31st August 2019


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20 Dec 2017
I like a player ratings thread so thought I'll do one (Disclaimer: I've only seen three games live so far this season - Peterborough at home in the cup (1-0), Burton home (2-4) and now Coventry, so I might have a different view of some players as I missed some of the early good away performances!)

Eastwood - 6: Any team which concedes 14 goals in 5 games has to look at it's goalkeeper and while I think previously he's not been much at fault, against Coventry there are at least question marks against Eastwood for the first two goals. No absolute howlers but not up to his usual high standards. Did make some saves, as usual.

Cadden - 8: My MOTM (And the OM's) and I can't believe there are calls from some quarters for him to be dropped for Sam Long (and I really like Sam Long and think he's very good). All of our attacking play comes through him! It looked like he was trying to swing more, and earlier crosses in after failing to do that in previous games and it worked, multiple chances, corners and our second goal coming from his boot. Obviously it sometimes leaves gaps at the back when he bombs forward but he often gets little protection from the right-sided midfielder. Not sure if he should be moved forwards as he makes the runs from deep so well but could be worth a try I guess.

Dickie - 7: The same comment as Eastwood goes for any CB in a leaky defence but I thought he was again generally good, and at times was instrumental in our play when he brought the ball forward. The way we play now with little pace for through balls but lots of intricate play and passes mean he's vital as an outlet and needs to be comfortable on the ball. At times when he beats a tackle and runs forward he opens up teams, and he did that quite a few times against Coventry hence the good score for me. I don't buy this 'better than Nelson ever was' as I think he lacks the physicality of a Curtis Nelson, but what a revelation he's been from last season. Really seems to be a leader on the pitch now as well, but was caught out of position for the third goal and needs to stop the leaking of goals.

Moore - 6: He worries me. Maybe due to his size he can seem awkward, unbalanced and immobile. Definitely more dominant in the air today though so good to see he's working on improving aspects of his game. Hopefully as our strength and conditioning team get hold of him he will develop a bit physically and become more agile. Room for improvement but not a bad game overall - with the caveat that we conceded 3 goals.

Ruffels - 6.5: Doesn't get forwards as much as Cadden but that's ok as long as he's solid, which he generally is. Didn't uproot any trees but was generally neat and tidy, no awful mistakes. Ruffels is the sort of player who gives you 7/10 or close performances every week - I wouldn't be upset if we replaced him with a better player, but it's certainly not a pressing issue for me.

Gorrin - 6: He let a Coventry player go past him with ease at one point in the first half which led to a corner but to be fair I watched him for similar after that and he improved, started making more tackles and definitely had a better second half, although he was at fault for their second goal. I like his positioning, he sits deep and every team needs a player like that but I still think I'd rather have Kashi (moves the ball on much quicker, passes forwards more and is more aggressive in the tackle). His passing was better than against Burton, but I think when all are fit he will struggle to get in the team over Brannigan, Baptiste or (hopefully) Thorne. Some people texted in RO saying he was their MOTM which just goes to show everyone sees a different game. He was unlucky with his header, to be fair, but I think he doesn't make enough challenges and we do get passed through/broken through in midfield a lot when he's in the team.

Brannigan - 7: Maybe this is just because I knew he'd had an injury but he didn't look quite his usual self - but he's so good that he still plays well. Made some errors and gave away the ball a few times, including one awful cross in the first half, but still wanted the ball and made us tick. His dead ball delivery is good not great - I have to think that with an in form Garbutt swinging those many, many corners in we'd have done a bit more from them.

Henry - 7.5: He really seemed up for this one, full of energy and commitment. Swung some great balls in and linked up well with Cadden. I still think he lacks the pace to excel out wide - and he didn't track his full back at times, or didn't have the pace to get back to him - that's just a fact. Also I know he's gone but at times in the first half, with Henry on the ball on the right touchline near the halfway line, and the Coventry left back pushed right up, with acres of space in behind him... I just missed when Whyte used to knock it down there and steam in. But, overall, Henry was very good - missed some good chances for shots on goal though. At time of writing 67% voted him MOTM on OM site and he was official MOTM so maybe I'm being a bit harsh on him.

Woodburn - 6: I don't really 'get' Woodburn at the moment. I guess with number 10's I either want them to constantly be on the ball, making us tick - a bit like Payne at his best for us - or if not, to be affecting games with goals and assists - like McAleny at his best for us. Woodburn doesn't seem to do either at the moment, he will go for ages without even touching the ball. He did make a couple of good runs and of course there was the great, sweetly hit shot which hit the post. I guess going by how unlucky he's been with the woodwork he will be more of a player who doesn't get involved much but pops up with goals, which I'll be happy with - when they start going in. He's another who's place might well be at risk when our injured/unfit contingent come back, unless he starts producing more.

Forde - 6.5: I really like Forde for some reason so maybe I'm biased, but he's neat and tidy and seems to rarely give the ball away. He does however lack pace, I guess which is what is keeping him at our level. Good header which the keeper did well to save and a couple of good crosses. Couldn't say I saw him involved a huge amount but what he did, he generally did well. Maybe suffers as so much of our play comes from our right hand side.

Mackie - 7: A strange game for Mackie and one which is hard to mark for me. Misses a brilliant chance which he really should have scored first half. then scores a brilliant and much harder goal second half. Worked hard all game, wound the opposition up. He's a player who you're happy to have at the club and to be the second striker, but I don't think you get promoted with him as your main man up top. He doesn't always hold the ball up and can give away silly fouls.


Fosu - 8: Changed the game when he came on, Coventry were scared of him and he just ran at them. Did brilliantly well for our third goal, showing desire, pace and control. He is obviously a nailed on starter and one of our best players when fit/ready. Thank goodness we signed him.

Baptiste - 7: Didn't do as much as Fosu but you could see his class. Can't wait to see him back and starting games for us.
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