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16 Nov 2018
Will post updates seeing as the Ox Twitter is quiet..

No team sheet but looks like Lopes is on the bench.
Slow start from oxford. Bournemouth looking sharp. Crooks first effort wide.
Crooks again fires over with his left from 20yards out. Ox dominating l.
Missed pen.. probs justice to be fair as never a pen..
2-0 Bournemouth- oxford played offside and a simple finish. Poor.
Bournemouth the better side but very physical and clever with it. Ref should have booked 2/3 of them. Ox need to improve.
My take, 2 even teams and a scrappy game. The difference was poor decision making at key moments by our lads and them showing composure at those times. We haven't shown that composure at the key times.

You wouldn't tell Bournemouth are the youth team of a PL side at halftime. Our subs are doing a proper warm up whilst theirs are just kicking the ball around like a Sunday Lg team.
3-2 Bournemouth: think that’s a hat trick for the number 9. Very good player
Lopes fires over. Games got scrappy with subs on both sides..
Oxford hit the bar and after a scramble lopes missed his kick! 10 to go
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