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6 Dec 2017
Made an enquiry apparently. Surplus to requirements at Boro under Pulis. Under the rules you can only play for two teams in one season - so he can play for us and us only.
And here could be why:
The 27-year-old has already played for Oxford and Boro this summer, and due to FIFA regulations, he would only be allowed to play for either of those between now and May - hence why a return to the U’s has come about.

Pulis has been playing Martin Braithwaite and Patrick Bamford on the left in recent weeks, and with Jack Harrison set to sign, Johnson was only heading one way.

That’s yet to be confirmed, but it looks like Johnson could be one of those who heads out on Deadline Day.
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If Marvin starts on the left-wing for the rest of the season we won't be relegated.
An interesting and credible theory. Given his salary and recent sale price, I can’t see him being here beyond May if he does join us however.

I wasn’t his biggest fan but would welcome him, and importantly his pace, back.

Plus, he scores goals from 30-yards so SOMEONE will be happy!
Would appear to be very plausible. Boro will probably encourage him to go out on loan to reduce their wage bill. Marvin gets to maintain his match fitness and 'put himself in the shop-window' for next summer. Depending on where they finish in the Championship, I could envisage either Sheffield United or Barnsley capturing his signature next July/August. In the meantime can do a decent job for us.
If he can give us the 12-15 points needed to survive this season - and, Christ, do we need some pace in the side too - make it bloody well happen.

As an aside, it's a shame that it hasn't worked out for him at the Boro. Wingers blow hot and cold anyway so there's time for him yet to develop further.
If he wants to play and will put in the effort that got him the price tag in the first place, then all's well, if he thinks that he can just pull on a shirt and walk about the pitch, then no. I just remember the lack of any real effort when he wanted away.
Plus points : pace, ability and knows how to score. Also aux fait with OUFC.

Against points: mercenary, as is his agent, could be a disruptive element?

Overview: with DE 'away who is making enquiries or if it comes to it decisions on a former player who clearly wanted to be elsewhere earlier this season?
Be interesting in his attitude / motivation going by the OP if he got the stomach to roll his sleeves up.

My opinion for what it is worth this could be a gem for us, it is obvious he wants / thinks he deserves higher league football so he will be putting himself in the shop window.

Shop window = Effort = some quality we are lacking.

As long as Faz does not shove him at fullback he needs to be up there on the wing!
It would only be a loan deal, there would be no chance of him returning on a permanent deal, so his agent could be Donald Trump for all I care.

Can’t see it happening though, I think Johnson would prefer to sit in his a**e for 6 months than deal with the amount of pride he would have to swallow to come back
Having him back on loan would be absolutely ideal. We wouldn't have to deal with his shenanigans in the summer and wouldn't be as much of a financial risk if he did turn out to be disinterested again, and didn't put in performances. Wouldn't want him back as an Oxford player anyway - we've had our payday from him, we wouldn't get a fee anything like that if we were to sell him on again after he's tried and failed at Championship level.
This won’t be happening as we have just signed a left back...

My understanding was that he was deployed at left-back for resale value as much as anything tactical. Which worked.

So if he came back you'd hope we could play him in his best position...
If he is to come back he has to be on the wing.he was playing LB because as much as I liked the no nonsense Skarz he didn’t have the pace. But if he does come back with Smith-Brown or Richardino at Left back them he would be an absolute gem as our left winger, just hope that the strikers can poach goals as with Ruffs and Johnson both being able to hit from 10,20 or even 30 yards then we maybe alright.
This won’t be happening as we have just signed a left back...

I wouldn't think it's impossible. He played left wing in front of Ricardinho before he left us this season, I think maybe against Pompey? If we played 4-2-3-1 and Buckley-Ricketts moved to no.10, there's a free spot on the left wing. If we go 4-4-2, who knows but I think the talent is there, and if he's hungry and not costing us much on loan, it's worth a punt.
Johnson was always a weird one, always wanted him at LM but when he played LB he always seemed a lot more dangerous. Be glad if he did come back and had the right attitude as his left boot is glorious. Still a piece of me thinks this may be a bad idea.
I know quite a bit about his agent

If it happens we will have to pay through the nose

And he couldn’t care less about his player being in the shop window
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