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24 May 2018
.. give him my best regards and let him know I, and many like me, really appreciate what he is trying to achieve at Sunderland, think he is a great bloke and want him to stay.

Unfortunately a group of fanzines got together and started a ‘Donald Out’ campaign. The individuals involved are undoubtedly thoughtful and dedicated supporters, but their approach was undemocratic and I don’t think representative of the wider support, although I believe they think they did represent the wider support based on Twitter (ffs!). One of the editors even commented he was not asked his opinion and did not agree. I suspect this group of like-minded individuals whipped themselves up into storm of indignance on the back of some poor performances. I’m disappointed they took this approach, and disappointed Donald took notice. It maybe it was all a bit too intense and he’s taking this opportunity to get out – who knows?

My personal opinion is the fanzines and Stewart Donald placed too much emphasis on social media and the opinions aired. Donald issued a club statement regarding selling the club, and sadly it was petulant, clearly aimed at his vocal critics and ignored the wider support. Some might not be sure of him but saw what he was trying to do.

A complete overhaul of the club was needed, and many do seem upset the youth and U23’s seem to have suffered as a result, but surely that would have been addressed going forward. The club was in a terrible state and it has been a huge challenge for Donald.

He also had the balls to get rid a Jack Ross, who was struggling, and bring in someone who understand the challenges of this division. He got little thanks for that and also the fact he has investors lined up for if we ever get promoted.

What is unforgivable is the abuse Donald received on Twitter and the like. Social media can be a curse and a tiny minority can make a huge stink. I go to all home matches and some away and can honestly say I have never heard any abusive comments towards Donald. I don’t know who or what these people are and I would stop supporting Sunderland if I thought they were representative of our support, but they are not.

Obviously we don’t want to be in this division. We are not used to it and at times watching the worst standard of football in our history which is difficult, but there is also a lot to enjoy. However it is business as usual on match day. Like all football fans there can be mumblings and grumblings of discontent when we are struggling, but we roar the team on if they show effort, cheer wildly if we score and if we actually win a game have that lovely, smiley feeling inside all week until the next match. Our friendly rivals up the road find it amusing we are so happy after beating the likes of Lincoln City, but we are.

His mate, on the other hand, was a bit more divisive. He never quite got us ignorant, parasitical northerners although I liked the patronising git.

On a brighter note – good to see Oxford on a good run. Quite a few up here have been predicting automatic promotion for Oxford for some time. There were certainly better than us when we played at beginning of season (who wasn’t mind). I have just had a lovely weekend in Oxford and looking forward to returning for the big match on Feb 14. Bodminyellow seems very confident and I would think we are firm underdogs, so hopefully we can raise our game 😉.

Might see some of you in the pubs.

Don’t forget to give my best to Stewart – please stay!

Haway me bonny lads!!!!


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15 Jan 2019
also shows the benefit of sticking with a manager. results starting to pick up now
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