Fan's View Fan's View 21/22 - No.9 - Wycombe at home


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10 Dec 2017
I think it was one of those games where score just the single goal and you’d consider it a great win. It continues to be the case, however, that our best players on the day are not generally the offensive ones. On Saturday it was McNally, Gorrin and Brannagan who stood out. Taylor works hard but is not getting the breaks. Sykes runs his socks off but his judgement of where and when to make what pass continues to be suspect. Whyte has been disappointingly ineffective.
The stand-out question for me is why KR didn’t add to our striker options in the transfer window. And please don’t mention Winnall.


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19 Dec 2017
Excellent as always Paul. Really concerned about our "powder puff" attack . KR clearly does not have confidence in Dan which is very sad so why did we not make a real go for another striker when we had the opportunity? Also Matty looks way off it at the moment. Not good.


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14 Dec 2017
Paul, thanks again for a great summation of a very frustrating game.

A mate (Crewe supporter) suggested I might not have been too happy with that game. My reply (below) mirrors much of your report it seems

“No, not happy at all. Wycombe started time waisting after around 10 minutes. The dark arts of a mediocre side happy to get a point at best…but also one realising the ref and one Lino were from the ‘Braille school league’ and firmly on their side, they proceeded to try rip the shirts off our players at every opportunity. AA came on near the end and within minute was on his a**e about 2 ft from the line for around 4 minutes whilst the medics worked on his “nose bleed”. I guess there were not enough first aiders to carry him off so play had to stop with such a large object sitting on the pitch. The ref allowed this to happen. When he finally got up he didn’t leave the pitch until the ref (after another 2 min of ‘play’) sent him off to change his shirt and the medics spent another couple of minutes tidying up on the pitch after he left. Comically A shirt was available around 2 ft from him at all times!!! Westlyian tactics par excellence for sure.

Ignoring the mandatory tribalism, (which I am finding increasingly irritating BTW) - It is such a shame that the entertainment value of games can be so badly degraded by incompetent and weak officials who cannot or will not see what is going on.

Our second half performance was much better as they tired …..but by that time the best we could hope for was for the ref to ‘allow’ it to finish before a last minute wycombe penalty.

You are probably wondering why, if I feel like this, why I bother. Trust me, I wonder too. Perhaps I should simply treat football as I do the news meejah? Simply not watch it anymore.

IMHO, Ainsworth got his tactics spot on (again) and Robbo didn’t.

Hey ho - dead easy from the stands is it not?”

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