Fan's View 2019/20 - No.1 Pre-season

If the burger bar is in business I may well make Woking myself.

EDIT: Good to read your thoughts as ever, Paul. Was unable to make Ibrox sadly (big family links in the area means it’s always nice to go back to Glasgow in general) but shame to hear about some idiots turning a pre season friendly into a pavement dancing session.
As ever I find your articles very inciteful and interesting. Being an overseas fan I enjoy reading your anecdotes and am looking forward to your 2019/20 season reports.
Ah, the joys of the Premier Inn! Was it by any chance a fine bottle of Vino Rosso by Lovelli? Reminds me of a trip to Shrewsbury and a stay there at the Premier. Mistakenly eating in the hotel restaurant, unusually not a Beefeater, we were greeted by a young lady who enquired as to our free drink. "what sort of red wine do you have" Vino Rosso" she replied. "we have white as well" "Oh, let us guess, Vino Blanco?" She was astounded by our knowledge of their illustrious cellar.
Still, usually cheap enough and standards are the same where ever you go so can't complain.

Anyway, nice to see you back Paul. Expectations are still to be set but hope burns bright etc etc...
Solihull and Eastleigh are pretty tinpot (sadly I've seen us play at both grounds) but don't give up on all the friendlies Paul - come along to Woking on Saturday. Could be a decent game.
Been to Woking every time we played there in the Conference.
Great read, got to say apart from the result , I enjoyed every minute of my time in Glasgow, locals were freindly, good pubs, hotel was fine.
I dont think we'd get the same hospitality at the ' other place' ?
Oh what a relief to have you back Paul. Sensible writing at last.
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