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U23 games,?
I saw him.play v Hull.
He wasnt particularly good when I saw him play.
Simply interest what games you had seen him in.
To judge someone after a couple of games is a little unfair. I too have seen him play for U23 and Lewes, and think he a step ahead of our youth, currently, with where he is physically and knowledge of the game that he has.
Eastwood - 6. Slightly harsh I guess but can only remember him making one or two saves.
Long - 7. Couple of minor mistakes but otherwise solid. Contributed a few times offensively as well.
Nelson - 10. Wow, what a performance. Put the penalty behind him, brilliant finish and defensive masterclass. Lost count of number of blocks he made.
Dickie - 8. Complete contrast to the reverse fixture, looks so composed bringing the ball out now as well.
Ruffels - 8. Can't remember him putting a foot wrong. What a run late on.
Kashi - 6. Seemed slightly off it, but still had an effective game.
Sykes - 9. Always looking to make something happen, won the corner and free kick for the goals. Had their defense worried throughout.
Brannagan - 8. My player of the season. Always looking to press and get on the ball.
Garbutt - 9. Fantastic assist, even better goal. Works so hard defensively as well.
Sinclair - 6. Frustrating. Must have been tiring playing the isolated role but should have scored at least one.

Stevens - 9. Pulled off a contender for save(s) of the season, looked commanding and confident. Looking forward to him getting more time.
Mackie - 7. Played his part to perfection, wish we could have had him 5 years younger. Special mention for his parting their captain on the a**e after nearly getting him sent off.
Hanson - 6. Can't recall him doing much, but didn't get much chance. Hope he gets some time before season end.

Robinson - 10. Obviously had an advantage knowing Charlton better than most, but we restricted them to barely any chances and he deserves all the credit. Was questioning his subs, Mackie for Kashi especially, but definitely paid off.

Ref - 7. Pen was 50:50, can see why it was given. Think Eastwood should have been sent off, unlike their man, which I think was the only big decision he got wrong. As KR said, the advantage late on prevented another red. Could have booked one of them for diving.
can’t argue much with that.
Kashi seems to be the kind of player who takes a couple of games to get going but once he is, he’s good. bit much with his celebrations but he genuinely seems to care about us. would love to see him here next season.
wasn’t sure about the change with Mackie, but he was certainly the player needed in that situation. maybe Sinclair would’ve been better to take off, but with Kashi on a yellow guess it was the right decision.
got a feeling we might be upsetting the Luton fans!!
Eastwood - 4. Bit of a brain fart let him down, not enough pressure to really force him into the mistake.

Long - 7. Developing well, didn't look out of place and supports well going forward.

Nelson - 9. Superb finish with his left. Marshalled the defence well, and despite Charlton dominance we weren't worried at all.

Dickie - 8. Did what he needed to do. Cleared his lines well all game.

Ruffels - 7. Consistently been our best player after the 80th minute. I don't know where his injury time energy comes from to make such a smart run as he did. Could have put the whole thing to bed yet again.

Kashi - 5. Gave the ball away which led to their penalty, and got another stupid yellow card for his celebrations. Vital player for us but Karl needs to have words.

Henry - 6. Completely anonymous and I'd be surprised if we see him in any of the games coming up. Sykes has definitely earned his place for the last few games.

Sykes - 9. Can't believe how effective he was on the wing. Read through the Charlton boards and the relief when he was taken off was palpable. One player I can't wait to see play each week.

Brannagan - 7. Kept things ticking over in midfield. Completely disciplined, and great at starting our attacks.

Garbutt - 9. People asking fro Graham on the left instead of Garbs need to look at the numbers of assists and goals he is getting in the last few weeks. An absolute revelation since his positional switch.

Sinclair - 6. Improving week on week. For sure he should have been more of a goal threat, but I feel they will come the more he works with a settled front three. Almost unlucky that the ref played on to let Garbs take the shot, it was great work for him to 'win' the theoretical second red.

Stevens - 8. Superb reaction save, however people are overlooking how much he was flapping at crosses. Hopefully by starting the next game he can feel in control of 'his' defence.

Mackie - 7. Typical Mackie work. Frustrated Charlton and did a lot of the dirty work to grind out the win.

Hanson - 6. A nominal score, as he didn't have much time on the pitch, though broke well with Ruffels at the end.

What I like most about the last half of the season is that we've improved game on game, and I can see the work in progress in every area of the pitch.

The defence is solid, conceding 5 in the last 10, and not more than once in a game since Accrington in mid-February.

The flashiness on the wings has been scaled down, we're now prioritising crosses and getting to the bylines. No one's cutting inside into dead ends any more.

Sinclair is staying central and getting on the ball more.

Considering we'll start next pre-season with our own training facilities being fully functional, and you'd hope this squad will be drilled to excellence by the start of next season.
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One thing to be aware of with Sinclair is that he's not really played many games in his career and this probably the first time he's played as a central striker. He clearly looks like he needs a pre-season where he knows he will get game time. Same as Browne. Both have big summers coming for their careers.
Brought a friend along today and he really enjoyed it. I’m chuffed that he witnessed such an enjoyable game.

Our work rate for the entire game was superb and whilst Charlton look a useful well organised side they got nothing out of us all game.

We were epic.

Worth watching for the Oxford goals , the Stevens double save and Ruffels’ little lollipop at the death.

Fantastically Biased.... What game was he actually watching.
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