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    Friendly on Saturday?

    Will we get more details? Could there be commentary on radox? Any guesses who we are playing? Based on geographical location I reckon Birmingham (old mate Pep) or Reading????
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    Current Player Matty Taylor

    Let’s just hope we are able to sign him permanently once he is available to do so.
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    EFL Covid and the play offs

    Finish the season now, top 3 in league one go up and vice versa, slightly hollow but I take it... Shall I make a start on the summer transfer thread??!?! Ha!!
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    Ex Player Ex Player Thread

    Fosu scores today off the bench!!!
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    Manager/Coach Karl Robinson - Will he walk

    The rollercoaster ride that is OUFC!!
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    Current Player Rob Dickie & Elliott Moore

    I think Sykes deserves his own thread, was excellent!! To think we were going to loan him out at the start of the season!! A lot of my non Oxford supporting friends watched the game on TV and Sykes has been the name picked out by many as our best player! Him and Dickie... Maybe Baptise departure...
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    General Jan transfer window

    Disappointing no new faces. We still have a good team capable of a run of results! Let’s start with 3 points tomorrow and see where the season takes us!! You just never know!! 👊
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    General Jan transfer window

    I think loan window shuts same time on this window. Can only sign unattached players after today...
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    General Jan transfer window

    He’s weighing up his options. OM article states we have received multiple bids, he is speaking to several I would imagine... I think he still goes by the end of the day...
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    General Jan transfer window

    I’m not going to get much work done today! 🙄
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    General Jan transfer window

    I can’t keep up!! Absolutely loving all these signings!!! Welcome Rob!!! 👊
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    Current Player Browne Returns

    Welcome back Marcus!! 👊
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    General Jan transfer window

    Richardino return for 6 months as cover for Ruffels!! I’d take that!!
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    General Jan transfer window

    Guess he came through at Reading the same time as Dickie and Fosu, which might help? Would be a good signing.
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    General Jan transfer window

    Jordan Graham anyone? His loan out in Russia (or somewhere like that) has ended early and is back at Wolves. Did ok last season, end product not really there but would come straight in, can play left or right, would know most of the players and management and crack straight on. I wouldn’t be...
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