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    Home Match Build Up 23/01/21 L1 OUFC v Bristol Rovers

    If the games played, which isn't a given at the moment considering the amount of rain we are currently having. I don't think a draw would be a bad result. Considering how much actual game time the lads have had recently. If we do manage to gain all 3 points then i might start to believe that we...
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    David Cudd

    Just read this thread and was stunned. Never met him, but like so many on here loved his pre match write ups. RIP Cuddy you will be missed more that you can ever imagine.
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    Never Lose Your Grandson! A heart-warming story. My small grandson got lost in Sainsbury’s. He approached a uniformed security guard and said, “I’ve lost my grandad!” The guard asked “What’s he like?” The little devil hesitated for a moment and then replied, "Gordon's Gin and women...
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    Morning Sex. She was standing in the kitchen, preparing our usual soft-boiled eggs and toast for breakfast, wearing only the 'T' shirt that she normally slept in. As I walked in, almost awake, she turned to me and said softly, “You’ve got to make love to me right now!" My eyes lit up and I...
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    Home Match Day Thread 12/01/2021 Papa Johns Trophy OUFC v Cambridge United

    Never thought I’d say it but this is a very important game. Financially it could be very rewarding. Glad KR is taking it seriously. 3:1 to the mighty yellows. COYY
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    London Road photos

    1984 was my 1st year as a season ticket holder. Stood right side London road right at the front, right next to the gap in the fence separating the right and left side. Just a fraction outside the right hand post. It was a truly unique ground such a special place.
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    Championship FA Cup, Derby et al.....

    So if it was a normal week and not the cup weekend i take it they wouldn't of been massed tested. Meaning that they would of still played us with all those infected players. Doesn't bear thinking about.
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    Championship FA Cup, Derby et al.....

    Shrewsbury’s game at Southampton is off as well as the Shrews have had a major outbreak. They only found out as they had to be tested because they were playing a premiership team. Decision will be made next week on wether they will forfeit the game.
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    General Colin Bell RIP

    Never saw him play live, but from what i have read and seen on the tv over the years a truly gifted player. RIP
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    Away Match Build Up 2/1/2021 L1 Burton Albion v OUFC

    I wish Ryan Air were that good still waiting / fighting for a refund from last June 🤬🤬
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    Happy New Year

    Happy new year 1 & all please stay safe everyone so we can all have a jolly ol knees up when we win promotion. COYY
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    Away Match Day Thread 29/12/2020 L1 Plymouth Argyle v OUFC

    I would gladly take a point right now. If we could get a win i'd be ecstatic. If we lose then i'd be gutted. Result is more important than performance. COYY
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    Away Match Build Up 29/12/2020 L1 Plymouth Argyle v OUFC

    So would I. A point would be a great result.
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    Home Match Day Thread 26/12/2020 L1 OUFC v AFC Wimbledon

    3 points is all that matters. Santa 🎅 has been kind to me this year, only 1 think left on my list and that is 3 points.COYY
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone take care and be safe. The future is yellow. ( Richard )
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