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Blatant racism/bigotry...whatever you want to call it.
(post 426 in the Radox 5 minute forum thread).
I've reported a (differrent) regular poster a number of times for bigotry (always aimed at Irish Catholics) and as far as I know, nothing has been done about him/her.
That's like the tv fee had it been on BT both you and the Geordies would have split £1.2m as they're commercial The BBC should pay the same considering the rating the game drew. Please forgive my petulant reply. but I come here for chat and he overstepped the line somewhat :D
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What others say is up to them, you come across as a decent sort so I haven’t a problem. I think my reply about Pompey is sort of correct
Can you amend my member name to read Lincolnyellow1, I missed the “n” off when registering..
I can't. Sorry.
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