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30 Dec 2017
I've paid for today's game but it's not registered on OUFC Ifollow. Does anyone have email address I can contact?


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29 Dec 2017
I received an email from ifollow at the beginning of July informing me they’d reimburse me 19% of my fee for the 19/20 season within 28 days.

we are now well beyond that and still no refund. Today I sent them an email - firstly enquiring why my reimbursement was only 19% while others’ more; secondly complaining about the late payment.

I wonder if they’ll appreciate my reminder of the EFL’s usual stance on late payments...
FYI - still haven't received this. They provided me with a screen shot showing that the payment had been made, and to which card, etc. I've replied with a screen shot of my bank statement from around the same date showing that the payment never made it. I've also contacted my bank who have no record. Checked paypal too just to make sure it hadn't gone back via paypal... nothing.

Have emailed since, but just going in circles now. Matter of principle at this point - I'm not dropping it.

The card they refunded it to had expired, but the money should still have got through according to the EFL; my bank have said the money could have bounced and gone back to the EFL. They seem reluctant to check.

If this were a club owing them £8 they'd force the club into administration...


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15 Dec 2017
Ive paid twice for my subscription and they have finally said they will refund me about a month ago but as of yesterday nothing has arrived in my account. I am not holding my breath! And another thing the highlights are up on ifollow but seem to be locked, why?
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