U18s EFL Cup Final

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19 Dec 2017
For those that don’t receive OxVox emails, the below was included at the bottom of the latest one. Might try to get down to watch this. (Apologies if posted elsewhere)

‘Dan Harris and his Academy colleagues have asked us to share the link below for tickets for the U18s EFL Cup Final at the Kassam on Saturday 31st March (KICK OFF 11.00 AM).

We'd like to encourage as many fans as possible to come along to this game to support the Youth Team. It is the Easter weekend and the 1st Team play on the Friday so the Saturday morning is a good time to get fans together again to support the U18s in a Cup Final.

Tickets are just £4 for Adults and £2 for U18's when bought in advance. U7s go free.

A nice way to spend a Saturday morning over Easter!’
Looks like it’s just the South Stand
sadly, its always s**t when its 'only' south stand open....free for all for seats in ssl (or half of it- dependant on Mr Mixter's whim on the day as to how much of ssl HE will permit to open)

colder than a morgue too

good luck to U18 in their cup final .... if it had been at CPF I'dve popped along...at the breeze block, with only half of ssl open, NO THANKS
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