League One Steve Evans - Gillingham manager


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7 Dec 2017
According to a poster on the Gills forum "Steve Evans is banned from the touchline for the first four games due to previous incident with a referee while employed with Peterborough." Starting as he means to go on then! :sick:

Grumpy Git

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8 Dec 2017
Should never of been allowed to be anywhere a football club, especially after what happened at Boston United.
He avoided prison claiming he had a heart issue. But continues to go mental at the side of the pitch which must be great for the heart. Scum.

Mystery Yellow

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12 Jan 2018
Can remember some of our fans suggesting him to be our manager after Pep was sacked ?

The bloke only been good when he’s been given big money, backed heavy at Crawley basically gave him a open cheque book, Rotherham went all out for him, dodgy Boston

No one wants to see his football & antics at our football club he’s on par with Graham Westley
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