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League One Sol Campbell - Southend manager


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5 Dec 2017
So Sol has joined Southend. He was in the stands for the 7-1 HOME defeat to Doncaster!
He did a good job at Macclesfield, so if Southend give him time to rebuild and replicate that then he could be a good appointment. On the face of it a better appointment then Henrik Larsen would have been.
Has it really been established why he left Macclesfield?
Well I can see why he's gone to Southend then ?


Apparently, in the last few weeks £10m has gone into the club reducing debt. The owner has been saying they will be moving into the new stadium in Aug 21 but the supporters don't believe him.

Their problem is apparently* a toxic atmosphere in the dressing room. There are different factions who really dislike each other and basically don't want to be playing in the same team. I believe a fair few of them are on contracts that go past this season but could be wrong.

* This is from a few Southend fans.
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