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No more player interviews


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7 Dec 2017
If I was the manager I would not be allowing any more player interviews for the time being.

I am sick of the same old soundbites and bullshit!

The manager needs to take the blame of course but the players are also to blame with some performances being nothing short of pathetic and shameful.

I am not looking to turn on players but they are accountable too!
I look forward to Robinson's interviews. I like to hear what pathetic, self justifying bullshit he trots out after the latest apathetic defeat.
I think the players have got away with us being bottom of the league very easily recently. They certainly need to take a large junk of the blame for getting us into this position. Yes the manager picks the team but it's the players who are making the mistakes on the pitch, its them that aren't scoring the goals and missing chance after chance.
I do agree that the players have let us down and also that they have got off pretty lightly. I'm not sure they have really been missing chance after chance though - or at least not decent ones. One of the abiding impressions I have of this season is actually the paucity of real chances we have made in open play. Although, I'm not sure anyone is capable of putting them in if we had made then, so maybe the point is moot!
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